Children's sofa accordion: features, design and tips for choosing

  1. Peculiarities
  2. Advantages and disadvantages
  3. Varieties
  4. Selection Tips
  5. Interesting examples in the interior

Each parent, when arranging a room for his child, pays special attention to the sleeping place. Currently, there are a large number of varieties of such sleeping structures. Today we will talk about the children's accordion sofa.


The accordion sofa is a transforming bed. After all, this type of furniture can be easily decomposed into 2 full-fledged berths.

So, in the daytime, this structure is assembled and acts as a standard sofa, and in the evening it is laid out for sleeping.

In this kind of designs for children, the mechanism works according to the principle of an accordion. This furniture is often called unfolding furniture. Today in stores you can also find similar models of sofa beds (folding sofa-book, pull-out eurobook).

The sleeping place at the accordion sofa consists of 3 sections in total. When assembled, 1 of them acts as a seat, while the other 2 parts are a supporting backrest. To fully unfold the furniture, raise the seat until it clicks. After that, the structure is pushed forward to the end.

Advantages and disadvantages

Children's accordion sofas have a number of important advantages:

  • saves space in the room;
  • may have various compartments for storing children's things;
  • relatively low cost;
  • the presence of a comfortable flat bed with an orthopedic effect for the child.

Despite all these advantages, children's accordion sofas have some significant disadvantages:

  • difficult to fold to its original state;
  • in the event of a breakdown of the mechanism, the furniture will be difficult to repair, because the seat and mattress are a single structure;
  • the backrest is too thick due to the fact that it also acts as a separate berth;
  • the wheels of such a sofa, if used too often, can leave large dents, scratches and deformations in the floor covering that cannot be hidden.


Today sofas accordions for children are subdivided into several types depending on the frame structure:

  • sofa accordion on a metal frame;
  • sofa accordion on a spring block;
  • sofa accordion on a wooden frame.

Metal frame accordion sofas

Children's furniture with such a frame is distinguished by an increased level of strength. It is also considered the most durable. Indeed, in such a design there are no too fragile parts.

A convenient mechanism in such transformers allows you to completely unfold the furniture with one simple movement of the hand. The seat is raised slightly, and the lower part is simply pushed forward. Even a small child can cope with such a task.

Accordion sofa on a spring block

For such furniture, comfortable mattresses with a spring mechanism are used. It can serve its owners for a long time. Moreover, the cost of such a sofa is relatively low.

Many people note that the spring block has an excellent orthopedic effect. This provides comfort for the baby.

It is recommended that accordion sofas of this type be placed in small studio apartments.

Sofa accordion on a wooden frame

Wood-framed furniture is less durable than metal-framed furniture. But this option is the most common for children.

Natural wood is an environmentally friendly material. Artificial wood can emit substances harmful to human health during operation. This is especially true for those who place convertible sofas in places illuminated by ultraviolet rays, which accelerate the release of toxins.

Selection Tips

Before buying a suitable convertible sofa for your child, there are some things to consider. So, make sure the structure is strong enough. After all, most children love to jump in their sleeping places.

Check carefully that there are no scratches or chips on the sofa. Also review all mountings. They must be firmly installed so that the structure does not break under the weight of a person.

Check the main mechanism too. It should be in good working order, furniture should be easily unfolded with one simple movement of the hand. Pay attention to the design of the transforming sofa. After all, it is chosen for the interior of a children's room.

Consider the height of such furniture. After all, it will serve as a sleeping place for the child. For children, it is recommended to purchase sleeping structures with a lower height. It should not exceed 115-120 centimeters.

Interesting examples in the interior

Today manufacturers can offer a considerable number of different beautiful accordion sofas for children. So, for a small child, you can pick up furniture in light colors (blue, light green, pink, lilac). At the same time, it may have a bright medium-sized pattern. As a supplement, you can use small decorative pillows made in the same color, but also take into account the height of such furniture. After all, it will serve as a sleeping place for the child.

Also, in the children's room, you can place an accordion sofa, made in cream, beige or flesh shades. In this case, the main seat can be of a lighter and brighter color (pale blue, white, light green, yellow). In this case, it is better not to choose the option of furniture with a pattern. In this case, it will be superfluous and may overload the interior of the room. As a decoration, you can use decorative pillows of other brighter shades (red, dark green, orange, brown).

The shape of such additional items can be very different (round, cylindrical, oval, square).

Furniture of pale lilac shades can also be an excellent option for a children's room. At the same time, such an option with white elements will look advantageous. It is better to choose the same colors for decorative pillows for this option. This piece of furniture will look great in a room also made in soft purple tones.

An accordion sofa made in light pink and snow-white shades will look great in the girl's room. This design can be made with an embossed mattress and a beautiful patterned back. Additional soft pillows should be chosen in a pale pink shade.

For the technical specifications of the accordion sofa, see the following video.

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